P.I. Services

About Private Investigators

Hiring a Private Investigator to help you obtain evidence, prove infidelity or innocence, or help you through a vulnerable period is a commonly-used tactic for many different types of people and businesses. There are a number of different situations, and work to provide an extensive range of services to a variety of different clients. You can trust that all of our services are discrete and highly professional and that all of our security teams are experienced, dedicated and talented.

Private Investigator Services

We specialize in offering experienced, dedicated investigation services. Every Private Investigator that we work with is experienced in handling unique cases with efficiency, skill, and discretion. Each member of our Kawartha Guard Services team is matched to specific cases; ensuring that the P.I. assigned to your case has experience, skill level and unique abilities needed to meet the needs of your particular assignment. In addition, each P.I. case is accepted or declined based on merit.

When hiring a P.I., discretion is typically the most important factors that clients look for. We understand this completely and ensure that all P.I. teams are equipped with the latest high-tech surveillance technology. All investigators drive unmarked vehicles. Their equipment and discrete investigation strategies ensure that all activities will never be exposed.

We also understand that trust is as incredibly important. Everything you share with your P.I. will be kept in confidence with respect to the law. We make sure that you feel safe and secure when working with a P.I. You can always trust that all aspects of your investigation will be discreet and confidential.

Private Investigator Services Offered

We are highly experienced in a number of different P.I. cases. A wide variety of different situations can benefit from investigative services. These situations include spousal investigations, spousal or child abuse cases, sexual harassment or stalking situations, insurance fraud cases, discrimination and skip tracing and so much more.

To discuss your unique situation or to hire a Private Investigator for your case, please feel free to Contact Us today. We will be more than happy to consult with you at no charge to assist you in any way we can.