By-Law Enforcement Services

For interested Municipalities, our By-Law Enforcement & Investigations service units can inspect and investigate private and public property; as well as municipally licensed and permitted businesses and premises to ensure compliance with Acts, By-Laws and Regulations. This helps to maintain a high level of public safety, neighborhood integrity, and cleanliness, as well as consumer protection. It can be initiated on both a proactive and reactive basis. Township council or management can determine that a particular By-Law or area would benefit from proactive enforcement- however in most sites, we respond re-actively to community complaints.

Examples of this can be;

• Property Standards          • Fence By-Law       • Swimming Pool Fence By-Law      • Abandoned Refrigerator/Freezer By-Law

• Scrap Metal Collection     • Yard & Lot Maintenance By-Law      • Noise By-Law     • Unauthorized Area Parking By-Law

• Sign & Canopy By-Law     • Names of Highways & Numbering of Buildings & Lot    • Mobile Sign Business Licensing

Feel free to call us and we will set up a meeting with your Municipal council or board. We will put together a plan to show you how to enforce your rules and regulations orderly, efficiently and cost-effectively for your Municipality.